We Are What We Think

Is Your Mind a Friend or Enemy?

It all depends. On what? On what you think! It’s common to think, “I’m tired, I can’t handle this anymore,” and then immediately after you feel like sleeping for three days in a row. Don’t forget that the body and brain work to please you, and the body especially tends to do this in the short term. However, it can also be like a genie in a lamp, obeying your every wish without protesting.

Think about the times when you were about to give up due to tiredness, exhaustion, or the tedium of routine, and you told yourself “I can keep going,” or “I’m okay,” or “I will finish this.” In that moment, you probably got a second wind – that didn’t come from a cup of coffee – to finish the task and then flop on your bed to sleep for the next few hours.

You also don’t have to be the most positive person in the world and go through life seeing the glass half full in every situation. Just know that some thoughts help us, while others harm us. Stop paying attention to things that are irrelevant and focus on what really matters. If something keeps spinning through your mind, take the time to resolve it and move onto the next task.

If you can’t sleep because your mind is a whirlwind of ideas, keep a small notebook on your nightstand and take advantage of this spark of creativity so that you can solve some of your problems. Don’t waste your energy dwelling on the bad things that happen to you. It’s better to use your time and resources to your advantage to find a solution to your problems.

Remember that not everything has to be rational. Allow a little improvisation in your life! While some things in life have a basis in logic, there are many others that are more related to emotions, feelings, and intuitions.

Learn to live with uncertainty, even if it’s just a little. Make decisions that involve a bit of risk-taking, and view mistakes as just another part of the rules of the game. Avoid pressuring yourself and accept the fact that you’re imperfect. This will reduce your levels of fear and anxiety, and as a consequence, the amount of mistakes you make.

Stay beautiful,


The Southern Penny

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