Trust Your Intuition

By learning how to better listen to our inner voice and to be aware of the present moment with tuned down filters and with no judgment, we will also more easily access our intuition. You have probably been in a situation where you intuitively knew how to act without really knowing why. You have simply listened to your “gut feeling” and strikingly often it has turned out you were right.

• To know how to approach the problem without quite being sure how you know.

• To recognize what is peripheral and what is central, without having fully understood the problem.

• To perceive in advance the general nature of the solution.

• To instantly connect a problem in one field to analogous problems in other fields and import the analogous knowledge into the problem at hand.

• To sense when a solution must be right, just because “it feels right,” and to suspect a solution that feels wrong and continue to gnaw at it.

Intuition is founded on a solid knowledge base, but sometimes this is not enough. Just as the artist can create intuitively without knowing in advance what the end-result will be, the scientist can develop an “intuitive knowledge” that guides her without knowing how or why, based on her imagination and association skills.

Knowledge, logic and mathematics are easy to define and are taught at school. It is based on our slow, conscious thinking and underlies rational and well-considered decisions. It is harder to explain the intuition. It is linked to our rapid associative thinking and is thus more evasive. We know it “feels” right (or wrong), but we cannot really explain why. This intuitive feeling can therefore be perceived as coming from within as a divine or mystical inspiration or understanding. In our rational and technologically dominated society, the intuition is sometimes seen as superstition.

With women I feel it is more a trusting ourselves, emotional perspective. We need to rely on our intuition more because usually we are dealing with men's unemotional responses to things. I know first hand how easy it is to go down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts. It is in these moments that we need to step out of those emotions and re-enter a positive mindfulness and create a space of acceptance and be proactive in negating those emotional triggures.

If we find ways to elevate ourselves it will help to maneuver though whatever negative situation we may be in and find a more appropriate solution. It is important to gain knowledge (facts not assumptions) from what our gut is feeling.

Overall trusting our intuition can help us to create a better life for ourselves, even if it takes you through some dark places first.



Believe in yourself.

Act accordingly.

You'll be better for it.

♡, C.

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