Mindful Tips for Focus and Centering

⭐ Set three daily goals. This is a manageable number and allows you the time and mental energy needed to focus on them mindfully and thoroughly.

⭐ If your body is tense throughout the day, take a moment to relax. Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and unclench your jaw.

⭐ Create a tea or coffee ritual. All you really need to do is slow down. Pay attention to what you are doing and savor the taste.

⭐ Have a mindful bath. Take a time out, turn the lights down. Let the water flow over your body and focus on the sensations and warmth you feel.

⭐ Stand up and breathe. Feel your connection to the earth.

⭐ Simply observe. Lift your eyes and take in your surroundings. Observe something in your environment that is pleasant and be grateful for it and its beauty.

⭐ Set a timer for 60 seconds and focus solely on your breathing. Notice how it sound and how your body feels.

⭐ Keep a daily journal. Focus on sensory details and write as a passive observer. This will help to limit any judgment when you check in with your emotions and thoughts.

⭐ Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Mentally list 5 things you feel grateful for. This can shift your thoughts from negative to positive.

⭐ Focus on the moment. A basic tip is to stop comparing the present with the past and focus on what is happening at the moment. It could be as simple as focusing your attention on a task you are doing.

⭐ Smile in the mirror. This may seem ridiculous, but it has many benefits to your well-being. It slows the heart, relaxes the body, and releases hormones to counteract stress.

⭐ Walking is very calming on the body, mind, and spirit. Start by finding a suitable location. Observe the environment around you, stop and focus on the trees, the foliage, and the ground you are walking on.

⭐ Think of the things you can do for others; even small acts of kindness can improve your relationships and enhance your compassion.

⭐ Find a quiet place, sit comfortably, close your eyes and open yourself to the sensations of your 5 senses. Listen to the sounds, let your mind focus on the listening.

⭐ Close your eyes and take long, deep breaths. Imagine yourself walking on the beach. Use all of your senses; feel the sun, listen to the sounds of the waves and touch the warm sand. Stay here as long as your like, immerse yourself in the experience.

⭐ Instead of judging what someone is saying, mindfully listen to them, and give attention to what is being said.

⭐ Break down your work periods into 25-minute intervals. This increases productivity by focusing intensely your attention on a task for a short period of time.

⭐ You may find that you hurry through meals without savoring the flavors. Learn to use all your senses to experience food.

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