Learning From Your Mistakes

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We've all heard this. Do you ever wonder if the person who first said this really learned from it or was on a soapbox telling someone else to learn from a mistake they'd made?

It is much easier to tell someone to do this than practicing it, agreed?

Through this journey of healing since my accident in 2019 I have come to realize many mistakes I've made. One was, I devoted myself to something that did not appreciate my hard work at devotion to it.

Another was taking my emotional self seriously. It's not enough to just focus on your physical self. Address both, not just one or the other. They work in sync to keep you running in a healthy, happy way!💪

A lot has changed in over a year. But it needed to so I guess you can say I have definitely learned from mistakes in my past.⏳



How to devote your energies to something and someone who will help you grow. Not use you, expect you to always be there and not get anytime back to nurture you.🥰

To take care of yourself physically-not just working out but fueling your body with vitamins and nutrients that work for you (coffee sadly is not a vitamin😪)

And lastly, create something that feeds your creativity. Whether it's painting, jewelry making, going for a walk to find a favorite place to read, journal/write or learn about aromatherapy! It is amazingly helpful. (I can help too, contact me for a free 15 consult)

You might surprise yourself and discover a hidden talent that can fuel your dreams!

Anyway you look at it, there is something you're doing in life that needs to change, holding on to what if's or "would of, should of, could of's" from past mistakes.

Are you willing to change it? Learn from it? Look around and assess things. What needs to change? What frustrating thing keeps happening time and time again and hasn't changed?

Take notes to stay focused.

Plan on how to pivot successfully.

Ask for help from someone you trust.

Believe in yourself.

And most of all, learn then grow from it! Show those mistakes that you're one tough chic! I believe in you!🌻

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