Meet Crystal

Lifestyle and Fashion Pro


has worked in fashion for over 20 years.

Tirelessly researched and battled her own health issues with ongoing success using holistic modalities after years of doctors prescribing multiple things which did not work.

Business owner of The Southern Penny an online boutique for women with affordable, stylish clothes with pop-up shops around town.


About Crystal:

"In a nutshell I have been in fashion since I was 16. I’ve had a love for fashion and travel since I can remember. It's important to me to give back. I am the Dallas Leader for Compassion That Compels. A non-profit that helps women all over the world going through cancer. I want to continue to give back and that’s why a portion of my proceeds go to them.

I am passionate about fashion and specialize in self-care modalities.

I firmly believe in:

--The power of prayer and positive thinking

-Fashion that is priced fairly and for your lifestyle, not the runway.

-Everyone is able to find peace and acceptance in fashion using the right techniques.

Consulting others in fashion has been an amazing process of self-discovery.

My Grandmother (Mema Sally) was great at caring for herself in holistic ways. She loved shopping and traveling the world. She also loved sunflowers so that is part of my logo. My Mom (Penny) was a beautiful woman, inside and out, she taught me to always be kind. She was great at being fashionable yet practical and never left the house without accessorizing. They never met a stranger and neither have I!

My knowledge comes from over twenty years working for major retailers. I've learned that fashion should be timeless, smart, sexy, and affordable! Women have become to accustomed to paying for the name on the label and not the true value of the garment.

I hope you let The Southern Penny help you find your unique style."

xoxo, Crystal