Southern Style For You.

It's about exceptional quality. I would never sell something I don't believe in.

It's about great coaching, belief in yourself and a guarantee you'll love what you learn and shop for.

Working for major retailers for years I learned how accepting women are of overpaying for a label! I want to retrain women to not accept price gauging, not focus on the label or size number and feel + look great!

The Southern Penny is in honor of the two most important women in my life! (More in the about section) There is a little bit of them in everything I do.

I am passionate about serving and The Southern Penny is a company with heart. I am building a brand that promotes self-love, beauty and great style that works for YOU.


I give regularly to Compassion That Compels that helps women all over the world in their fight with cancer.

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Meet Crystal 

Fashion and Lifestyle Expert

"Crystal is a style expert dedicated to helping you find your style "comfort zone" and embody your personal brand.

She fosters brilliant, personalized style and clothing ideas via The Southern Penny."

"Masks with matching mask pouches - best idea ever! I don't know how you do it The Southern Penny, you find unique items that now I can't live without at crazy affordable prices"


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Great Styles

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Healing Modalities


"Style transforms your body language and attitude. It lifts you physically and emotionally"

Style Consultations

The Southern Penny has managed to curate the cutest collection of items I can't find anywhere else. Best idea ever!

-Patricia D.

LOVE The Southern Penny. Just received my order & love everything. Great customer service. Definitely shopping again

- Nic L.

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